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If you would like to take a look at the Young Living corporate site you can Click Here.

If you want to you can sign up at the corporate site. As the enroller and sponsor you would enter my information:  Barb Doyle   ID - 340864
​We have a simple three step system for success that can help anyone succeed. None of the steps are difficult. If you have desire and determination and a "no quit" attitude you can succeed. The steps?
* Join with a Premium Starter Kit - the best foundation for success and the best value - takes just a few minutes to do. 
* Get started on Essential Rewards so you can receive the very best products that you choose to receive, delivered right to your door and get points that you can then use to get products for free. Takes just a few minutes, like an online grocery list. 
* Massively share on a daily basis with others so that they can be blessed and know that there are better options. A great way to let others know how to have a better lifestyle. No convincing or high pressure tactics needed or required.
When you go to the page to get started here are a few tips:
Click on the box to become a member so you will get 24% off of retail on every order forever!
During Step 1 - Choose one of our Premium Starter Kits and this counts for your first months order with our Essential Rewards program! So simple!
During Step 2 - Choose “Yes” to enroll in Essential rewards and then “Yes” to count the Premium Starter Kit as your first Essential Rewards order.
You then choose which products or kits you would like shipped on Essential Rewards the following month. You can change these items at any time prior to your months order being processed. So simple! Click here and go up to Ordering and then click on Ordering Options, then click on Select Membership Level and choose Member.
Click Here for the pay plan overview. No one pays out higher in compensation than Young Living. Young Living gives back to associates 49% of gross sales. Other companies pay out based on net sales. There is a huge difference between net and gross.
Click on link below for income disclosure.