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Young Living's compensation plan gives you many different ways to generate income. There is no limit to the income that you can make with Young Living. The only one who can limit your income is you. We have a high rate of product loyalty because our products work so well so that it is easier for you to develop a growing monthly income. With finding just a handful of commited people and everyone simply doing this, you will be surprised at how your life can quickly change.

If you understood what I know about this business - you would already be enrolled in Young Living. 

Let me explain, for most people to earn $10,000 a month in ongoing income, they need $2,400,000 in a savings account at 5% interest. And if we cut that in half, $1,200,000 to give you $5,000 per month income. 

How many people do you know that accumulate $1.2 to $2.4 million by the time they retire? 

A person in Young Living can build an ongoing income in 2 to 5 years, working part-time that equals the money you could spend if you had $1.2 to $2.4 million in the bank. 

The previous example is where you could be in 2 to 5 years with your ongoing income. Let's take a look at the first few months to one year. It takes $48,000 in the bank to produce a $200 monthly income (assuming the 5% interest). For many people this happens in just a couple of months time simply by sharing with a few people and they doing the same. You would be surprised at how just a couple hundred extra dollars a month can change your life.

I bet you work pretty hard at whatever you are doing right now to make a living. Why wouldn't you be willing to work at least that hard to set yourself free?

The income you can make will blow your mind!
​To get to the very top level of Young what does it take? Well you need to be on our Essential Rewards Program with an order every month of 100 PV of products which is approximately $100. Then share with others and you will want to have six people that you personally sponsor that are also ordering 100 PV of products a month. That is all anyone needs to do. Is that hard? No! I believe that anyone who really understands the simplicity and keeps it simple can get to the top more quickly than they imagine. The average MONTHLY income at the top level is around $141,000.

With just six people right under you and if this simple six people was duplicated down just seven levels, so each person would have just six people right under them, there is one of the bonuses called the Generational Bonus, with just this bonus you would be making MILLIONS every month! Want more money? Want to never have to worry about money again? Then join us today!

Angela wants to share with you in the hope that it can benefit you. She says, "My hesitation to starting Young Living as a business was that I do not do sales. I had all of the excuses; however, Young Living made such a difference in my life that my lips just could not stay shut! Now my student loans are gone! I had 12 more years to pay and I was able to pay them off in just five months! I have also been able to give abundantly to friends and family in need as well as helping to build a home and Bible College in India. The only reason I have been able to give is because I said "Yes" to Young Living as a business AND I did not give up. My decision to do Young Living has changed many more lives than just my own." Step up to better. A new and better normal. Life is too short for anything less than the very best. Join us today! 

What we have with Young Living
I went on an interview for a job and when the boss asked what I wanted for compensation I replied:

1. First, I would like a generous commission on everything I sell with no limitations on my income. 

2. I want to be paid a residual income, forever, that can be willed to anyone I choose. 

3. I want the ability to earn all-expense paid trips for a job well done, not just vacation time, but everything that goes with the vacation!

4. I would also like the opportunity to purchase my own products at a great discount and earn lots of free products with those purchases.

5. I expect you to provide me with the very best graphics, training, and resources to grow my business.

6. When I bring in and train any new team members, I deserve to be compensated plus earn a percentage of their purchases and the purchases of the people they bring in, down unlimited levels.

7. I would like the opportunity to rapidly advance within the company, becoming the CEO in just a couple of years if I so choose.

8. When I do well, I expect LOTS of praise and recognition and perks!

9. I would like my friends and family to be able to work here.

10. By the way, I need to set my own schedule and work only when it suits me and my family.

So... when can I start?

After the owner recovered from shock, he ROARED with laughter, "You can't be serious!?! You're dreamin'! You'll never find an opportunity like that ANYWHERE! 

And if you do...come back and get me because I want to work with you!"

So.... I gave him my business card and told him about Young Living.

Do you recognize what has been handed to you with Young Living?

The best opportunity that you will ever see in your lifetime!

Since you've taken the time to go through the information at this site I know that you will see that this is something that you just have to be a part of. I am so looking forward to helping you succeed! Here is a special message to you from corporate at Young Living. So many exciting things are ahead for you!

To all of you new people I want to tell you that you have embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. Not only are you able to access amazing products and commissions, but you're connecting to a global tribe of committed and passionate members who will help guide you on your journey. This journey includes recognition trips around the world when you hit certain ranks-- all with a connection to the earth via one of our Seed-to-Seal farms. Think about standing in the lavender fields of Mona, Utah as a Silver, the melissa fields of St Maries, Idaho as a Gold, the verdant Ylang-Ylang groves in Chongon, Ecuador as a Platinum, and, as a Diamond, traveling to various inspiring places around the world: Oman, France, Croatia, Hawaii, and, next year, Australia! More than connecting to the earth and creation, these trips allow you to connect with one another and with our inspiring founders, Gary and Mary Young.

Remember this: we are in this together. All of us. Our mission is clear: bring oils to every home. At corporate we welcome you to the tribe. We salute your valiant efforts at overcoming the obstacles that got you here, and we want you to know you're one of us now. Despite our size as the pioneer and world leader, each of you, individually, is important to us. From the entry-level member, to the highest-ranked Royal Crown Diamond -- we are here to support you.

Over the next few months you'll evolve to gain a greater understanding of what this is all about. Be patient; you don't need to know everything at once. Allowing for one baby step at a time, growing little by little in understanding, is all that is needed. Listen to your team leadership, they are wise in helping you to navigate this journey of discovery, persevere through the doubts and petty obstacles that arise, and, most importantly, remember the passion that got you here. Cultivate it, cherish it, and share it with others. People of the world are desperate for passion, for purpose, for tribe, and now you have the power to bring them those gifts.

We hope to see all of you at some point, in some part of the world, over the years to come.

Watch the two videos below. They will be very helpful to you.
Next Step
If you would like to take a look at the Young Living corporate site you can Click Here.

If you want to you can sign up at the corporate site. As the enroller and sponsor you would enter my information:  Barb Doyle   ID - 340864

The second step is to get started on our Essential Rewards program so you can save on shipping, get the very best products delivered right to your door, and get points that you can then use to get products for free! 

The third step is to share with abandon and to help those that see this as the right option for them. We have a great site that does the training and we have lots of wonderful ways to help you share.
​We have a simple three step system for success that can help anyone succeed. None of the steps are difficult. If you have desire and determination and a "no quit" attitude you can succeed. The steps?
* Join with a Premium Starter Kit - the best foundation for success and the best value - takes just a few minutes to do. 
* Get started on Essential Rewards so you can receive the very best products that you choose to receive, delivered right to your door and get points that you can then use to get products for free. Takes just a few minutes, like an online grocery list. 
* Massively share on a daily basis with others so that they can be blessed and know that there are better options. A great way to let others know how to have a better lifestyle. No convincing or high pressure tactics needed or required.
Step one is to get your Premium Starter Kit at this site. Simply click here go to the top and click on Ordering then click on the green bar to become a member or customer. At the next page you will click on to become a member and fill in your information to get started as a wholesale member and order your Premium Starter Kit.

We will be with you every step of the way on your journey to success. It doesn't get any easier than this. As a member of our team you will have access to the very best training site to help you. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Joining us can make this the first day of the best of your life.
Click Here for the pay plan overview. No one pays out higher in compensation than Young Living. Young Living gives back to associates 49% of gross sales. Other companies pay out based on net sales. There is a huge difference between net and gross.
Click on link below for income disclosure.